Vladimir The Platypus

by Mouth Dakota

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All tracks are home recordings using various methods and devices. Lo-fi.


released February 14, 2006

Written, recorded & produced by (J. Wood) Mouth Dakota

・"Canaries In A Coalmine (Tropico)" recorded by David Gapinski
・"Artificial Friend" recorded by David Gapinski
・"Lay & Wait For The Rain" recorded by Kris Komenda
・"Welcome Mat" recorded by Mike Sipich



all rights reserved


Mouth Dakota Chicago, Illinois

Mouth Dakota is an indie band from Chicago land founded in 2005 by singer-songwriter Justin Wood. From 2005-2012 Mouth Dakota was the solo effort of Wood that focused on capturing a lo-fi/bedroom-recording sound. Wood officially formed a band in 2013 with longtime friends. ... more

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Track Name: Black Will Suit Me For The Winter
Black will suit me for the winter time
It's bold enough to celebrate
Our vacation to Milwaukee
And the paper copies of the pictures from our trip
You organized them in the book I bought you
When we first met
Someday I'll travel across this world with you
And die a better man from it
When I find a place for us to rest
Our bones will sink into the soil
And we'll become a part of everything
Because we started out as nothing
Track Name: Styrofoam in the Microwave
Arnold Palmer with a little kick
Take me far away from all these
Haunting dreams that I've been having
Paranoia with a little twitch
Paper cuts upon my fingers
Pass the salt I feel much better
But I'm still sad at starlight
Sell some things to pay for melted cellophane
You're guaranteed some cheap wine
Styrofoam in the microwave
Takes a little bit of brain
It takes a little bit of brain
I'm not sweating, I'm just getting red
You know
And I'll pace around these floor boards
'Til I'm ready to go
Track Name: Hidden Driveways
Nobody can find those hidden driveways
'Cause nobody really knows what
They're looking for anyway
Nobody can build a perfect highway
'Cause nobody really knows what
They're working for these days
Nobody can find a hallelujah
'Cause nobody really knows what
They're praying for these days
Nobody can say a hello to ya
'Cause nobody really knows what
They're looking for anyway
Nobody really knows what they're looking for
Aren't ya, aren't ya, aren't ya glad you found someone
To keep you company until you're gone, gone, gone
Aren't ya, aren't ya, aren't ya glad you found me here
To whisper that I love you in you ear, ear, ear
Track Name: Standing in the Kitchen Alone
Learn to save yourself from your brain
Learn to save yourself from whatever comes your way
Listen to the old man, talk about Jesus Christ...Oh my God
Your body is a long shot away from your head
I really feel
Rainclouds in your legs, a raincloud on your chest
These melancholy days invite you to the couch at best
Listen 'cause you want to, crazy as it may seem
It's been your dream
You've got to make a plan because you're M.I.A.
I really feel
This is a letter to myself
It was written for me and no one else
Get a job, get a job, get a job and pay those bills
I really feel
Rainclouds on your legs, a raincloud in your chest
These melancholy days, are in your head
Track Name: Canaries In A Coalmine (Tropico)
Your tropico
Swept me off the ground like a merry-go-round
And furthermore
I was feeling pretty sure that you were feeling down
So pack a bag
I really want to take you to some place warm
Where we can relax
And maybe fall in love again, and again
Canaries in a coalmine
For the lack of better words
The picture frame
Really makes me feel like we've got something
That I can't explain
But maybe someday I'll find a way
I'll take a double shot of vodka and a Vicodin
We'll smoke a couple cigarettes before we get to bed
And talk about each other, fall asleep together
And hope the feeling lasts forever
But we'll wake up in a merry-go-round
Track Name: Three Or More
Sometimes I'm afraid to be alone
A cigarette turns into three or more
And I don't want to go back
And I don't want to go back
Several months ago I fell asleep
And when I woke I thought about the dream
Because you were all gone
And I was with God
Yah you were all gone
I always fall victim to the bind
Of half-hearted Sunday evening time
And I shake off my clothes
And try to empty my soul
But I've been breaking my soul
For so long
Sooner or later
I'll be shooting the shit with the coroner
Kicking back some chemicals
Sharing my insides
Sooner or later
I'm gonna make the paper
I'm gonna meet my maker
And I'll be waiting for you
Track Name: Lay And Wait For The Rain
I sipped another cup of coffee
As I slipped another yellow pill
From the tips of my fingers
To the back of my throat
And I get to feeling pretty awful
When this is how I want to feel
So I sleep by the window
In the back of my room
And I lay and wait for the rain
And I lay and wait for the rain
It always seems to be the bright days
That find me in a dark room
So I took out a record
And I listened to 'Jessica' (Allman Brothers)
Smoked a little in the driveway
And played a little 'Pink Moon' (Nick Drake)
Until I clenched from the misery
Of the caffeine inside me
Say a little prayer for me
Like nothing else could save this
You got down on a bended knee
Just please stand up and let me know I'll make it
I sure do wish I had a photographic memory
To accompany my virtue
Cinnamon, the color of my face
When you let me know I hurt you
Track Name: Silverware From The Civil War
Silverware from the Civil War
Gently twists my tongue
And you never cared for the clothes that I wore
Or the words to the songs that I've sung
Well, you'll take the high road, that's fine
But we, we couldn't, we couldn't find the time
And the blood from your closed fist to my nose
Gave a taste of the distance that grows
Oh my God, this aint happening to me
Dislocate myself, I'm not feeling well
I pray for the blood
To run backwards through my veins
Wake up in a womb
It's better than a tomb
Did I make up an excuse
For the way that I comb my hair
Silverware from the Civil War
Gently twists my tongue
Track Name: Artificial Friend
I am just an ordinary man
You are just an artificial friend
Crawling up my arm and leg again
Draining all my batteries and then
Keep your fingers tight around my neck
Track Name: Batteries And Pens
I need to stop lying
I was born a robot
It's really not that bad
But sometimes I get sad
When you keep me in your closet
Away from all your friends
With batteries and pens
When you looked through your window
You saw me, open, charging
The foggy glass made everything surreal
I need to stop lying
I was born a robot
It's really not that bad
But sometimes I get sad
When you keep me undercover
'Cause my skin's made of rubber
But you're not made of glue
Nothing sticks to you
You looked through your window
And saw me, empty, crying
The foggy glass made everything surreal
You looked through your window
And machines were breathing for me
The tinted glass made everything seem so insincere
Track Name: Welcome Mat
Pine, metaphorically a candle and a gun
Not necessarily a weasel
Take a good breath and focus on the fun
Not necessarily a candle
Come, go, come, treat me like a welcome
Come, go, come, treat me like a welcome mat